Wesley tuning Steinway Tuning is the act of adding and releasing tension to the piano wires in order to ensure that they are at the correct pitch & and is one the core services that I offer. I proudly employ both Aural and Electronic Assisted tuning methods. An aural tuning is where the technician uses an external pitch source, such as a tuning fork and tunes the piano based on the pitch of the given note. Electronic assisted tuning is where the technician records the instrument into a tuning application and follows tuning suggestions given by the device. Both styles produce an in-tune piano and it is up to the technician to make the right choice on what the instrument requires

Field services & General Repairs

Diagnose Broken Keys

broken piano key The action of the piano is full of small mechanisms that are often made of wood and depending on the age and manufacture of the instrument the pieces of the action could be brittle and break for many reasons. Nearly all action repairs involve removing the action from the piano and retrieving the broken part, if present, and precisely re-attaching them. If the broken part can not be found then a new one must be found or ordered.

Repair Broken Strings

Wesley stringing piano Replacing a string inside the piano is one of the most common field repairs done by technicians. The most common reasons a string breaks are, excessive rust, low quality steel, low quality installation, or deep grooves in the hammers. The strings found in the bass section of the piano are custom made per instrument, and if one breaks it must be ordered and replaced at a later date.

Finding Clicks, Squeaks, Buzzes

upright action model Due to wear and vibrations caused by playing on a piano many screws and parts can become loose or misaligned causing buzzes, squeaks, and clicks. During appointments, I will attempt to seek abnormal noises and remedy them if possible.

Deep Cleaning

Over time your piano collects dust and debris from the environment and should receive a thorough cleaning at least once in its lifetime. I use soft cloth, brushes, and felt, as well as a very mild cleaning spray to clean the instrument and remove all unwanted debris from inside. dirty piano keysdirty piano pinsdirty inside of piano


Pre-purchase inspections:

I offer inspections. During the inspection I will look over the whole instrument, take pictures, and identify any problems that make the piano unplayable or potentially irreparable. Once I have finished looking over the instrument I will tell you its condition. This normally happens when a client is preparing to purchase a piano.

Written Evaluation

After an inspection I offer my clients a detailed report on the instrument’s current condition structurally, visually, tonally, and mechanically. The report does not establish value on the instrument, it only reports the piano’s condition at the time of inspection.

Instrument service plans

Getting your piano serviced more than once a year is the most optimal way to avoid having the instrument’s condition drastically deteriorate over time. Stellar Piano Service offers customized service plans where I will work with you to keep your instrument in optimal condition year round. I offer appointment discount bundles where customers can purchase.

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